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First I thank God for the Author Brigette Manie.  God is truly using her through this Ministry to reach out to people through her books. I enjoyed reading the series "Pioneers in the Pulpit" because  the stories are real, you can relate them to everyday living.  Also I love the twist. It's mixed with romance and at the same time it's a series that can guide you towards Christ.  In other words, everyone deserves a second chance.  Love is real  Reading this series of books can teach us all to be better lovers.  Want to find out how ?  Invest in these books and you would definitely be satisfied.  Also try her other books you would never want to stop reading.  Enjoy and be blessed. Reader of ALL of her books and cannot wait for the next one to be on the market.


Laverne, Brooklyn, NY



I absolutely loved All things work together All of your books are well written and are very good but All things work together is exceptionally  well written. You  went to the heart of the family. All things work together  is funny, full  of warmth and family orientated. I like the strong Christian spirit of Jasmine. Who would have told her that even with the disappointments of her cheating husband, Simon, and the nullified job  offer and those false Christians especially that should not be elder Scarlet (that name really suits her) God was looking out for her to  bring her a second chance of a new husband and a ready made family of her own that she never dream that she could come to fruition.


Paula Gray, NY 



I have read the book, 'Once in This Lifetime'.  It's a truly sensational work - very artistic and captivating.  I read it the same night (the children had me up with fevers and flu-like symptoms, so I had good company with the book! - good excuse for a good read!!!).  I look forward to more details about Bri's unfortunate 'encounter' with the theologian phony - Christopher, and the outcomes thereof.  I also look forward to 'word' about her and Bart - guess something is brewing there!!!  





Re:  Man Apart, From Passion to Pleasure, & Once in This Lifetime


Your books were interesting and you made the characters come alive. I am looking forward for the next book to come.May God continue to be with you and your wonderful family and all the best in future. Sis Rachel.





Thanks for the two new books.  THEY are totally off the charts great!!  'Someone Like You' is really captivating with a plot that leaves me looking for more.  Hmm!!  The turns and twists of the scenes are amazingly breathtaking. Wow!!  What a read (x2 already)!!  'Forever with You' is also a great read. I look forward to what can become of Maleka and Wesley!!  




Re:  A Man Apart, Forever With You, and Someone Like You


What a romantic you are!  The story lines on all are totally captivating; I enjoyed them immensely. 





You have outdone yourself again.  A Price Too High is very,very good--much more than good.   As the good book says, God is not mocked and vengeance belongs only  to Him  Karen found that out the hard way. God is good to her though because even in his hurt Doug's love for her never fades, and he was able to forgive her. His mother  is something else. Thanks for giving me good and clean relaxing reading.  





Re:  A Man Apart and From Passion to Pleasure


I cannot find words to express about these books.  They set standards for young women who are looking for love and romance before marriage.  Love them both!


Claudette P., Queens, NY





Are you nuts about Christian romance novels? Then you're at the right site.  Here you can read all the romance you want and vacate no values.  If you're about faith in the Father, and if you like the words 'God,' 'prayer,' and 'church' in romance novels, then my books will be a comfortable read for you.  I always say, how can those elements not be in romance when God is the author of love?


My heroes and heroines are not perfect.  They are Christians like you and me who are striving daily to make it to the Kingdom.  That means they sometimes slip and fall as in A Fall for Grace or A Price Too High.  When somebody drives them to the edge, they sometimes lose it and let the person have it before thinking about soft answers turning away wrath.  I believe in making passion plain without putting everything on the page, so you'll find hugs, kisses, and very warm looks that tend to sizzle (smile) in my books.  I write to deliver a delicious and romantic read that will make you yearn for more after the novel is done.  I hope you'll try my titles.


Lots of love,


Brigette Manie


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Brigette Manie

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