Banning Island Romances

Against His Will

Banning Island Romances: I

Lifelong friendship on the verge of young love turns to burning hatred. Naomi Wilkison swears she'll never forgive Barry Adams for what he did ten years prior during the Banning Island revolution.


Now getting his inheritance is dependent on information Naomi has. Forced to contact her when an intruder breaks into his house, trying to steal information related to the inheritance, Barry discovers that he and Naomi are in danger. He arrives at her home just in time to save her life. Still angry with him, Naomi quickly comprehends that there are people out there willing to kill them both to get the fortune his father left for him. Having been a revolutionary soldier, Barry has skills that can keep them alive. Sticking with him becomes a matter of survival.


As they work together, trying to stay alive and get Barry's inheritance before time runs out, Naomi begins to realize that the loving, caring, and gentle man protecting her is the same one she'd known and loved ten years ago. As she starts to fall for him again, she begins to suspect that what he did on that long ago night might have been against his will.



Tropical Eyewitness

Banning Island Romances: II

One shot and one dead friend turn Janine Reynold’s vacation into a struggle for survival. On the run from a murderer, she races into a hotel room for refuge.


About to enjoy some downtime, starting with his dinner, Bodyguard S. Davis doesn't appreciate the trouble that blows into his room in the form of Janine. But he quickly realizes that her near hysterical claim that a killer is after her isn't unfounded.


Keeping Janine alive becomes his responsibility. Davis finds that she's in danger not just because of what she saw but also for what she has—her medallion. Some very wealthy and influential men stand to lose everything if its content is exposed. They have no qualms about killing an innocent woman to safeguard themselves.


Protecting Janine becomes very personal for Davis when she accepts him, scars and all. Beneath his forbidding exterior, Janine finds a man who is worth her time and her heart.



Emeralds Aren't Forever

Banning Island Romances: III

From Cartagena to Curaçao, they combat thieves determined to take an emerald she has. From Bonaire to Banning Island, they dodge bullets and assassins.  With one emerald causing so much trouble, Sarah wishes she'd thrown it overboard. Too late for that now. Through no fault of her own, she's got the goods the bad guys are gunning for.  They didn't bank on her getting a bodyguard, though; neither did she.  But when protection comes packaged in a physique like Everton's, Sarah is glad to be a damsel in distress.  She steps into the shelter of his protection  and finds she wants to stay there for keeps.  When she discovers who he is, she can't fully reveal who she is. Now there's danger without and within; for as interest ignites between them, Sarah knows her secret might cause the loss of her heart and Everton's love.




Are you nuts about Christian romance novels? Then you're at the right site.  Here you can read all the romance you want and vacate no values.  If you're about faith in the Father, and if you like the words 'God,' 'prayer,' and 'church' in romance novels, then my books will be a comfortable read for you.  I always say, how can those elements not be in romance when God is the author of love?


My heroes and heroines are not perfect.  They are Christians like you and me who are striving daily to make it to the Kingdom.  That means they sometimes slip and fall as in A Fall for Grace or A Price Too High.  When somebody drives them to the edge, they sometimes lose it and let the person have it before thinking about soft answers turning away wrath.  I believe in making passion plain without putting everything on the page, so you'll find hugs, kisses, and very warm looks that tend to sizzle (smile) in my books.  I write to deliver a delicious and romantic read that will make you yearn for more after the novel is done.  I hope you'll try my titles.


Lots of love,


Brigette Manie


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Brigette Manie

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