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Welcome to the 'Kids Korner' of  Our first offering for this section is a thirty-story collection (print edition) entitled, "The Girl in the Green Dress and Other Stories for Children."  Filled with engaging and entertaining tales, stories in "The Girl in the Green Dress" usually begin with a Bible text and are followed by  funny and fast-paced narratives that highlight the biblical lessons.  These stories can be read by kids alone but are best enjoyed within families (parents reading to kids), in schools (teachers reading to kids), or in churches (children's ministry leaders reading to kids at storytime).



The Girl in the Green Dress and Other Stories for Children

The Girl in the Green Dress and Other Stories for Children

A thirty-story collection, "The Girl in the Green Dress and Other Stories for Children" is great for children of all ages.  You'll meet people as well as all types of creatures in this book.  Whether the story is about a boy or a bug, you'll be grinning and laughing through many of these tales.  Told in an engaging way, "The Girl in the Green Dress," pulls you in from the beginning and doesn't release you until the end.  While funny, these stories never fail to bring out biblical messages that are great lessons for all. This collection of stories is an excellent read for bedtime, family worship time, and just about anytime.  This book is also wonderful for the Children’s Story hour in churches.


The Girl in the Green Dress and Other Stories for Children: Activity Book

This Activity Book has tasks for tiny people.  Lots of coloring as well as find a word puzzles, matching, word scramble, and fill-in the blanks are in this book.  After hearing the tales in the storybook, you'll not want to miss activities for some of them in this activity book.




Are you nuts about Christian romance novels? Then you're at the right site.  Here you can read all the romance you want and vacate no values.  If you're about faith in the Father, and if you like the words 'God,' 'prayer,' and 'church' in romance novels, then my books will be a comfortable read for you.  I always say, how can those elements not be in romance when God is the author of love?


My heroes and heroines are not perfect.  They are Christians like you and me who are striving daily to make it to the Kingdom.  That means they sometimes slip and fall as in A Fall for Grace or A Price Too High.  When somebody drives them to the edge, they sometimes lose it and let the person have it before thinking about soft answers turning away wrath.  I believe in making passion plain without putting everything on the page, so you'll find hugs, kisses, and very warm looks that tend to sizzle (smile) in my books.  I write to deliver a delicious and romantic read that will make you yearn for more after the novel is done.  I hope you'll try my titles.


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