Armed with my first manuscript, A Man Apart, I waded into the self-publishing waters in 2012.  Since that beginning, I have published quite a few more books.


An avid reader since my teens, I stumbled onto the Mills and Boon romances and fell hard for romantic fiction.  Then I met and fell in love with Christ and my romantic reading led me into Christian romantic fiction. 


Writing romance began in my stay-at-home-mom years.  I credit my inspiration to God and my  marriage to my husband, Clifford.  Interestingly, I didn't always like writing but felt compelled to start spinning stories because I was looking for Christian heroines and heroes who kept it real.  What does that mean?  Christians get upset and vent too.  They snap and speak their minds sometimes.  Their first thought isn't always prayer.  At times they act human and a punch flies.  The difference is that an apology follows.  Prayer comes too as well as a request for forgiveness for not choosing that tool--prayer--first.


When it comes to intimacy in Christian relationships, I appreciate and support the fact that mating before marriage is no-no.  But please don't tell me that the church sister does not see and does not admire that Bro. So and So, who just walked in the door, is a fine specimen of God's creation.  And Bro. So and So is not blind.  He definitely notices those elegant legs in stilettos striding down the aisle just before he closes his eyes in prayerful meditation.  I write about real people with real emotions who are Christians.


Initially, I didn't start out writing series.  My wonderful readers' demand for more books and stories about characters they met in my books led to the series below:


Loose End Love Stories


Worth the Risk          (Book I)

In the Nick of Time? (Book II)

Patience of a Saint    (Book III)

For the Love of God (Book IV)

Silent Desire             (Book V)

Surrender                  (Book VI)



Pioneers in the Pulpit


The Man Beside Her (Book I) 

Firing the First Elder (Book II)

An Appearance of Evil (Book III)

Scandal in the Sanctuary (Book IV)

Other Sheep Have I (Book V) 

Known By His Fruits (Book VI)

Judged by the Cover (Book VII)  Coming Spring 2016


Mahogany's and Daniel's Stories


A Man Apart

Forever With You


The Five Brothers' Books


From Passion to Pleasure

Once in This Lifetime

Someone Like You

Not His Choice

Local Gold


The Seneca Mountain Romances


A Fall for Grace

A Price Too High

All Things Work Together

A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Truth


The Banning Island Books (Christian Romantic Suspense)


Against His Will

Tropical Eyewitness 

Emeralds Aren't Forever



When I'm not writing, which is rarely, I like reading, doing Zumba, walking, and drawing.  I'm a blessed mom of four, two girls and two boys.  I have no animals, although I love them.  When my kids ask for a dog or a cat, I tell them I'm not prepared to be a mother of five (smile).


Much love and happy reading,


Brigette Manie



Are you nuts about Christian romance novels? Then you're at the right site.  Here you can read all the romance you want and vacate no values.  If you're about faith in the Father, and if you like the words 'God,' 'prayer,' and 'church' in romance novels, then my books will be a comfortable read for you.  I always say, how can those elements not be in romance when God is the author of love?


My heroes and heroines are not perfect.  They are Christians like you and me who are striving daily to make it to the Kingdom.  That means they sometimes slip and fall as in A Fall for Grace or A Price Too High.  When somebody drives them to the edge, they sometimes lose it and let the person have it before thinking about soft answers turning away wrath.  I believe in making passion plain without putting everything on the page, so you'll find hugs, kisses, and very warm looks that tend to sizzle (smile) in my books.  I write to deliver a delicious and romantic read that will make you yearn for more after the novel is done.  I hope you'll try my titles.


Lots of love,


Brigette Manie


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Brigette Manie

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